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Q:What is your best price and delivery time?

A:As I think for most of our enquiry,the goods value is high(at least more than USD 50000 per order),

when we quote you,we will calculate the price carefully.

The price will be calculated by different departments and finally approved by boss.

The price we quote you at the first time is the best price we can supply.

For delivery time,the delivery time is very important.

I can understand the willings from customer to get the castings soon.

But for production,we should follow the production procedures and make it step by step.

If we short the delivery time with less steps, you get castings in poor quality,we earn more money( we will never do such things).

We pay more attention on customers' satisfication about quality.

We will not make anything in a hurry as a guarantee to get an order from customer.

When we quote,we will offer a reasonable delivery time.

I did business for foregin trade more than ten years,I know we should care price and delivery time.

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