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Q:What you can supply?

A:We can supply low carbon or alloy steel castings from 3 tons to 190 tons per piece.

The max. size for castings can be L*W*H=12M*9M*6M,it is decided by our heat treatment furnace.

There are around 6000 m2 for sand mold making, the max. size for mold pit is 87m*16m(-3.5m).

The deepest pit for us is 45m*16m*(-6m).

Our annual production is around 50000 tons.

Our main products are for cement mill(around 40%),such as support roller,half gear,bearing housing,kiln tyre.

For shipbuilding(15%),we have 9 class certificate and supply marine castings for many domestic shipyards.

Now we also make more orders for forging press and rolling mill.


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